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Pack Trips and Drop Camps

With Rhodes Valley Outfitters

Experience the Best
Back County in the U.S.


Pack Trips and Drop Camps

Escape the weight and let Rhodes Valley Outfitters pack you into the heart of the Uinta Mountains! With our well trained horses and sturdy mules, traversing rugged terrain becomes a breeze as you and your gear are effortlessly transported to the campsite of your choice. Whether you’re an explorer or a novice camper, our seasoned guides curate the perfect wilderness escape. Under the watchful eye of experienced horsemen, your safety is paramount as we navigate the wilderness together. With every step, your gear is securely packed and loaded onto our dependable stock, ensuring a hassle-free journey to your remote and picturesque campsite. Whether you choose to ride one of our experienced horses or embark on a scenic hike, rest assured that your supplies will be waiting for you upon arrival. Whether you seek a spontaneous weekend getaway or an epic backcountry adventure, Rhodes Valley Outfitters is your gateway to your next unforgettable experience. Let us lead the way as we pack your dreams into reality, returning at the appointed time to whisk you back to civilization, leaving only memories and hoof prints in your wake.

Pack Trips & Drop Camps Pricing

Per pack or riding animal

$200.00 per day

Wrangler to assist riders

$250.00 per day

Per packer handling up to 5 pack animals

$350.00 per day

Charge for 6 or more pack animals

Additional packer fee

Drop off & pick up counts as 2 days
If hunting, you may need additional pack animals to haul out game
$550 minimum per-day charge.
Any trip over 30 miles from our ranch will be charged $1.00 per mile, round trip.
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USFS Permitted